Who thought a business man without any military assistance would ever contest and the highest seat of the American Land? Most never believed the policies and the campaign messages of Trump, with the media reporting highly against him and others describing him as racist due to his comments. Trade and businesses are paramount in a free market economy but would Trump make them a priority. The economy of America and the international relations and policies of interventions might not change or perhaps by a margin.

America has a new president with business minded oriented being. As a Christian, and promising the church not to be paying taxes and other antonymous suggestions, could have ruined his presidential ambitions but rather made him soared. Trump is a bold man with a contradictory outward charisma. His words looks to directly attacking yet seems to be a suggestion. His a nationalist and Hillary is an internationalist with more international policies experiences. Trump wants to build America in the interest of the people and not the other way round.

We hope to see America built to solve problems. A land of peace and prosperity. Long live Trump, Long live America. Ask the people what they want, promise giving to them, and you their votes. This was what the new president used to win the hearts of the people.

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