Africa Bitcoin Radio Show In Ghana

10155778_1442751652648860_523731958741553628_nAfrica Bitcoin Radio show is the only Online Bitcoin radio show for Africans and the world. This is a project of the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI-GHANA), a free market think tank in Ghana. The Bitcoin program is a 2 hour show at the Harbour City Radio in Accra ( ).

Ravi Bhojjwani is a regular contributor to the show in Africa. He usually gives Africa and the world platforms that uses the Blockchain technology in doing business. He is much careful of the sites and the platforms he puts on air for over 600 listeners. As a Bitcoin enthusiast, he usually encourages young Africans to take opportunities of the blockchain and cryptosystems and be much careful with scammers.

With Today’s episode being the 9th episode, He spoke on Block verify ( ), a blockchain based anti-counterfeit solution, introducing transparency and to supply chain. A platform that can verify, stolen merchandise, fraudulent transactions, diverted goods, and counterfeit products in Pharmaceuticals, luxury items, diamond, electronics, import and export and many other products and services. He further expounded the use of Bitsim as Bitcoin mobile wallets.

In the previous episodes, he introduced listeners to, Bitholla, cashaa, and xcoin. The show is really informing Africans and putting others on the know of the cryptoworld.

You can be part of the discussions every Saturdays at 16:00 -18:00 GMT. You may be a guest on the show or contributing mBTC to keep the radio show going by mailing, or contacting Ravi on Facebook.

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