Africa Bitcoin Radio Show In Ghana

10155778_1442751652648860_523731958741553628_nAfrica Bitcoin Radio show is the only Online Bitcoin radio show for Africans and the world. This is a project of the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI-GHANA), a free market think tank in Ghana. The Bitcoin program is a 2 hour show at the Harbour City Radio in Accra ( ).

Ravi Bhojjwani is a regular contributor to the show in Africa. He usually gives Africa and the world platforms that uses the Blockchain technology in doing business. He is much careful of the sites and the platforms he puts on air for over 600 listeners. As a Bitcoin enthusiast, he usually encourages young Africans to take opportunities of the blockchain and cryptosystems and be much careful with scammers.

With Today’s episode being the 9th episode, He spoke on Block verify ( ), a blockchain based anti-counterfeit solution, introducing transparency and to supply chain. A platform that can verify, stolen merchandise, fraudulent transactions, diverted goods, and counterfeit products in Pharmaceuticals, luxury items, diamond, electronics, import and export and many other products and services. He further expounded the use of Bitsim as Bitcoin mobile wallets.

In the previous episodes, he introduced listeners to, Bitholla, cashaa, and xcoin. The show is really informing Africans and putting others on the know of the cryptoworld.

You can be part of the discussions every Saturdays at 16:00 -18:00 GMT. You may be a guest on the show or contributing mBTC to keep the radio show going by mailing, or contacting Ravi on Facebook.

Entrepreneurship and Libertarianism Created in Sierra Leon – ILAPIGhana


The Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI-GHANA) has helped to create Free market and entrepreneurial minded youths and students in Sierra Leone. Participants have been inspired to take up entrepreneurship to create business opportunities for themselves.  The theme for the maiden cross border conference is, Economic Freedom, Individual Responsibility and grassroots initiative.

A country that fought a civil war for over 10 years and after peace deals signed and the United Nation (UN) helped rebels to be integrated into the society brought peace and stability to Sierra Leone. Over 50,000 people were killed in the war and two-third of the total population displaced. As they keeps picking up the pieces in building the economy to meet the previous economic friendly environment, a viral disease called Ebola cropped up and killed more people. The economy sunk, travel halted, domestic trade and transactions abhorred, public gathering made unlawful, transport systems are no more, and no schooling for all. How can the people of Sierra Leone make a living? There are high unemployment and an extreme poverty has enveloped the country but there is hope for all. The Ebola virus killed more than 4,000 people of Sierra Leone alone.

After a year of the country declared 100% ebola free by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI-GHANA) took a bold step to help create economic freedom through the values of entrepreneurship and free market interventions. The Sierra Leone Liberty Group (SLLG) was there to bring this cross border project to a successful conclusion.

The president of ILAPI-GHANA Mr Peter Bismark Kwofie said, ”… government should open and promote free market economy and create an entrepreneurial environment for the youths and students to start-up ventures as the government alone cannot provide jobs. Entrepreneurs are the driving force of the economy, and  must be given tax incentives and tax holidays for infant businesses to strive and create jobs to curb the menace”. Besides, the listening government of Sierra Leone should hear the plights of its youths and create the necessary avenues for its people Mr Kwofie said. He further emphasized on free trade within Africa and a much more borderless states.

In Sierra Leone, about 40% of the people are underemployed, 15% with well paid salaries especially those in politics and 45% unemployed. Education is not encouraging but the government is politically doing its best to revive the system. Liberty and freedom for all to mutually exchange goods and services would help to trade. The people of Sierra Leone are friendly and living in harmony. The economy of the country can move at a faster pace if the government embrace economic freedom, individual liberty and the non-aggression principles to boost entrepreneurship. A free society create freedom and as such, such principles of a free society ought to be embraced to pave way for all to exhibit their natural prowess. Liberty and economic freedom affect every aspect of the individual’s life.

Mr kwofie also said, the government of Sierra Leone needs a youth entrepreneurship policy geared towards free market, property rights and constitutionally limited government. All Youths Policies across Africa do not have effect on the mass youth per countries. Trade grows the economy only when there are sound policies without protectionism and limited government interpositions. Mr Kwofie provoked the participants to go into entrepreneurship to identify problems, solve and make money out of them. ” …entrepreneurship goes beyond buy and sell. Is about being industrious and being a risk taker with passion and a driving force.

The SLLG director, Mustapha Cole, spoke on digital currencies such the Bitcoin. Mr Kwofie also expounded the blockchain and the ethereum platform as a way of disarming government. Bitcoin is a virtual currency used in all transaction and is peer to peer without a third party. Mr kwofie and Mustapha Cole are Bitcoin users and asked all to explore and participants to use them for less and no transaction charges. Mr kwofie stated few platforms such as the Xcoin, Bitholla, Cryptotrust, Bitclub and Bitland as some of the good investment platforms.

There were 72 participants for the two days conference of diverse field of study. The programs manager of ILAPI-GHANA, Ms Akosua Fosua Offei lectured on Women Empowerment in the Libertarian Way. She said,….” women should not be forced to sacrifice their lives and properties for others but be left free by government to deal with one another as free traders. A free and a competitive market enable women to allocate resources and equally prosper as men or more than them. The only economic role of government is to protect property right, adjudicate disputes and provide legal framework to protect individual interest”. She asked ladies present, to form organizations to champion free trade because women trade more than men. she also said women are the architect of the society and must stand for freedom against individual liberty.

Mr kamara, a graduate unemployed said, ”I have really learnt new things from these Ghanaians. I never knew of free market until today that it creates wealth than any other intervention” another student also stated, Mr peter has really inspired me with his presentation that, is not the number of years you spend in school  that makes one prosper. I must give to the government and not the other way round”. Another participant Aminata said, we really need freedom to work. we have been conditioned that government would solve our problems so we often cry to them. Now I know and will help spread free market here in Sierra Leone. Mr peter is really good and I hope to have him again.  A lady participant, Anisa Adama also said, Mr peter told us this and I was so much happy to know that, the school system only prepares us to seek jobs and not to create one.

Participants were not aware of that economic freedom, protection of private property right and individualism solve problems. Free speech should be encouraged in our African democracy. The event is an eye opener for all and hoping to help boost the economy of a once Ebola stricken country.



Who thought a business man without any military assistance would ever contest and the highest seat of the American Land? Most never believed the policies and the campaign messages of Trump, with the media reporting highly against him and others describing him as racist due to his comments. Trade and businesses are paramount in a free market economy but would Trump make them a priority. The economy of America and the international relations and policies of interventions might not change or perhaps by a margin.

America has a new president with business minded oriented being. As a Christian, and promising the church not to be paying taxes and other antonymous suggestions, could have ruined his presidential ambitions but rather made him soared. Trump is a bold man with a contradictory outward charisma. His words looks to directly attacking yet seems to be a suggestion. His a nationalist and Hillary is an internationalist with more international policies experiences. Trump wants to build America in the interest of the people and not the other way round.

We hope to see America built to solve problems. A land of peace and prosperity. Long live Trump, Long live America. Ask the people what they want, promise giving to them, and you their votes. This was what the new president used to win the hearts of the people.

Xcoin on Africa Bitcoin Radio Show.

William Thompson, the CEO of  ResoNova ( ) a well renounced platform for buying and receiving Bitcoin as faster than ever. Peter Bismark Kwofie the Host of the Online Africa Bitcoin Radio show in Ghana on the Harbour city Radio show had a great interview.  William Thompson said ” Xcoin is basically  a secured lending peer to peer automated Bitcoin exchange.” He further said the platform is more a secured in lending Bitcoin at 15%. Lending is based on collateral and very unique. unlike the mainstream banking were, interest rates in Africa on bank loans are Between 25% – 35%, Xcoin is the lowest and highly credible.

Most listeners sent in messages on the move to know more on the Xcoin to help them understand and trade Bitcoin. Mr Thompson has a lot in his sleeve and that the host would interview him next week  on same Bitcoin show.

It is easy to use Xcoin with your paypal account, master card visa and with other payment methods.